Ai Weiwei is another one of my absolute favorite artists. He is an artist, architect, political activist, and avid user of social media to get information out to the masses.

Ai Weiwei comes from China and is very critical of their communist government. This was made especially clear after the Sichuan earthquake in 2008. The government refused to release the names of those who died after poorly made buildings collapsed upon and killed the people inside.  Weiwei was especially disturbed by the collapsed schools that he came upon during his trips to Sichuan after the quake. He started an effort to compile a list of all the students who had died. The backpacks shown above were part of a similar project— they spell out the words that one mother of an earthquake victim told Ai.

I am inspired by Ai Weiwei’s absolute commitment to what he believes in, his fearlessness in sharing with the world, and his ability to organize people in his projects (especially impressive considering he lives in China.)

I hope to create more political pieces in the future. I am particularly interested in doing art related to the (k12) education system in the US.


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